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10,000 DS

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Prix: 10,000 DS

Mammoth SSD. Laboratory. we lead the industry in cleaning pink-dyed banknotes with black-dyed coins. our main range of products and services is aimed at the financial sector as a whole. our main customers are the banks and the humanitarian companies of each organization. parties are also welcome, we are one of the world's leading specialist industries. in this field, we are also a leading supplier of Auto ssd solution, vectrol glue, universal ttz solution, zuta s4, Castrox hq45 oxide, pk58 Solution ssd distributor and solution maker. as a whole, these are the best chemicals on the market for cleaning the fight against bills of breeze, defaced currencies or banknotes. you will be amazed by the power and speed of this chemical capable of cleaning banknotes/currency with breezer capability. We stock a limited ssd solution to clean the Anti-Ticket Breeze, or "black money". If you have the "black money" and the cleaning solution has coagulated or made a bad deal over time, we can offer the replacement at a reasonable cost. ssd automatic solution for cleaning Anti-breeze defaced banknotes.For anything you need contact us sq Hussein Universel chemistry laboratory ssd solution we vectrol pate, hussein is a lab based in europe, morocco, south africa , specializing in wind turbine bank chemistry. for more satisfaction watch contact us via our whasapp at number 00212681187606 via gmail we are a company that has subsidiaries in africa and europe, asia, america and malaysia, listening to all your problems in these areas. please contact us to quickly solve your problems with banknotes or black and blue dots or worms: please contact us at the following number: via our whasapp for more security at 00212681187606

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